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Visit Dartmoor

Official Tourism Partner to Dartmoor National Park Authority. The most popular website for Places to Stay - Things to Do - Places to Eat & Drink.

Southwest Image Bank

The South West Image Bank (SWiB) is a community based specialist repository based in Plymouth.

Dartmoor Preservation Association

Founded in 1883, the Dartmoor Preservation Association is a charity that works to protect the special qualities of Dartmoor and carries out active conservation projects.

Dartmoor Crosses

A website dedicated to the study of Dartmoor crosses. Researched and compiled by two Devon walking enthusiasts.

Ashburton Museum

The Throwleigh Archive

A Local Heritage Initiative project which aims to raise awareness of the history and heritage of the village of Throwleigh.

Museum of Dartmoor Life

Dartmoor Prison Museum

Moretonhampstead History Society

A comprehensive website detailing the history of Moretonhampstead.

Museum of Dartmoor Life

The website of the Museum of Dartmoor Life

Dartmoor Pony Trust

A charity dedicated to the preservation of the Dartmoor Pony breed.


The website of Widecombe-in-the-Moor famous for its annual fair, the song Widecombe Fair and the characters of Uncle Tom Cobley and All.

Chagford Parish

The website dedicated to the stannary town of Chagford.

RAF Harrowbeer

A website dedicated to the history of RAF Harrowbeer, Yelverton and the activities of the RAF Harrowbeer Interest Group.

Belstone Village

A community website containing a wealth of information and photographs about the village of Belstone

Tavistock Museum

Community Archives

Devon Heritage Centre

BBC Devon

The Devon Rural Archive

Dartmoor Society

Technical Advisory Service for Images

The website of the Technical Service Advisory for Images which supports many images archives across the UK and abroad

Dartmoor Tinworking Research Group

Exists to promote research, conservation, publication and debate about tinners and their tin works, besides being a focus for celebration of their contribution to Dartmoor.