Devonport Leat

Record Number: 100066
This shows the Devonport Leat tumbling down Raddick Hill to cross the River Meavy by aqueduct. GW


Mortar stones


Dartmoor Trust
Meavy Valley, Black Tor

Devon HER Results

ID Name Type
MDV51539 Weir on Devonport Leat to north-east of Beardown Farm, north-east of Princetown WEIR
MDV27091 Single pillow mound north of the Devonport Leat at Beardown Warren PILLOW MOUND
MDV19902 The Devonport Leat, Dartmoor LEAT
MDV3500 Cross adjacent to Devonport Leat CROSS
MDV51516 Weir on the Devonport Leat north-west of Beardown WEIR
MDV32747 Beardown Tin Mine adjacent to Devonport Leat on Beardown Hill TIN MILL
MDV12757 Macehead found between the Devonport Leat & the West Dart River FINDSPOT
MDV102930 Weir on Devonport Leat, north of Beardown Farm WEIR