Letters from Sir John Evans K. C. B. referring to a bronze ferrule, photograph of the ferrule, diagr

Two letters to Burnard from Evans dated September 1893. As well as diagram of the ferrule, and a diagram of a kistvaen (a tomb or chamber)and an archer's wrist-guard as well as a photograph of Jonas Coakes the dartmoor poet born at Hartland, Postbridge 1801 Sir John Evans (1823-1908) was an archaeologist and geologist. He wrote numerous books and papers, and was a collector of ancient objects. A ferrule is a metal ring or cap put around the end of a cane, tool handle, etc. to prevent splitting or to give added strength. A kistvaen or cistvaen is a tomb or burial chamber formed from flat stone slabs in a box-like shape. The word is derived from the Welsh cist (chest) and maen (stone). Jonas Coaker or Coker (1801-1890) lived and work on Dartmoor as a parsons' servant-boy, a labourer and a innkeeper, and wrote about all aspects of the moor in his poems.
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