Windy Post Cross

Windy Post Cross
Taken on 27th July 1942 of the north side of Windy post cross, also known as Beckamoor cross. Its purpose is said by some to have been to mark the route of the Abbots across Whitchurch Common, from Merrivale Bridge to Moortown. It is 2 metres tall and 0.69 metres across the arms. This cross is chamfered all round and is of a later period than most on the moor. William Crossing puts its age down to the 16th Century. It is in good condition and, unlike most crosses on the open moor, does not appear to have needed repair. The cross is set into a large socket stone. The cross is tilted at an angle and this is probably more to do with livestock using it as a rubbing post than its alternative name of Windy Post.
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Updated on July 20, 2018
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