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Hayes Barton

Hayes Barton is the birth place of **Sir Walter Raleigh**. Sir Walter Raleigh was born around 1552 and was a British explorer, poet and historian. He is most famous for being a favourite of **Queen Elizabeth I**. It is said that he layed his cloak over a muddy puddle in order to prevent the Queen dirtying her shoes. Although not on Dartmoor, it is a typical example of a **Devon farmhouse**. It is thought to have been built around 1450 and is made of **cob**. The house was later altered in the reign of Elizabeth I. A porch and two wings were added, making the plan of the house appear as a letter //E//. Many buildings of the 16th century were adapted to form this shape as a compliment to Queen Elizabeth I.
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Updated on January 16, 2019