Horn's Cross

Record Number: da100457 | © J.H. Boddy
Horns cross on Holne Moor, at the junction of the Monks? Path and the track that runs between South Brent and Hexworthy. It was one of a number of crosses that marks the route of the Monks? Path, the name of the track that links the Buckfast Abbey with those at Tavistock and Buckland. It stands at 1.88 metres high and .57 metres across the arms. The cross is very old (circa 14th Century) with one arm badly damaged. It is fairly certain that the shaft is not original, having been replaced at some time in the past. The head has been cemented onto the shaft and reinforced by the use of an iron clamp on both the front and back faces of the cross. The shaft is fixed into a large socket stone.




Holne Moor

Devon HER Results

ID Name Type
MDV61450 Cairn south of Horn's Cross ROUND CAIRN
MDV6424 Horn's Cross, Holne CROSS
MDV61449 Small cairn south of Horn's Cross ROUND CAIRN
MDV61453 Stone row 250 metres west-north-west of Horn's Cross STONE ALIGNMENT
MDV6474 Large cairn south of Horn's Cross RING CAIRN
MDV6506 Cairn north-east of Horn's Cross, Holne CAIRN
MDV61448 Round cairn 580 metres south of Horn's Cross CAIRN
MDV6473 Large cairn south of Horn's Cross CAIRN