Cox Tor

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Cox Tor




Le Messurier
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Cox Tor

Devon HER Results

ID Name Type
MDV4105 Hut circle settlement on the north-east slope of Cox Tor HUT CIRCLE SETTLEMENT
MDV26289 Reave adjoining enclosure south-west of Cox Tor REAVE
MDV26284 Quarry to the south of Cox Tor QUARRY
MDV4132 Hut circle settlement 610 metres south-west of Cox Tor ENCLOSED HUT CIRCLE SETTLEMENT
MDV56610 Cairnfield to south-east of Cox Tor CAIRNFIELD
MDV64122 Hut Settlement 410 metres west of Cox Tor HUT CIRCLE SETTLEMENT
MDV103658 Hut Circle on south-western slopes of Cox Tor HUT CIRCLE
MDV4155 Cox Tor, Hut Circle HUT CIRCLE