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Pizwell is an ancient tenement. The cluster of buildings pictured consisted of three tenements, all were thatched when Crossings wrote his Guide. The Rev. Hingeston -Randolph, in his study of the Registers of Walter Bronescombe discovered the earliest know reference to Pizwell dating from 1260, forty years later, in 1300 the name was spelt 'Pishull'. In 1702 all three tenements were still operating as farms, the tenants being Mary Cock, John Eales, Pancras Horsham and Barbary Cook. More information a recent photograph can be found in High Dartmoor, by Eric Hemery.


ancient tenement
pizwell steps
walla brook
stepping stones
small village


Rowlands Druid
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Pizwell East Of Postbridg

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ID Name Type
MDV77674 Pizwell Cottage, Dartmoor Forest FARMSTEAD
MDV35587 Pizwell Cottage, Dartmoor Forest LONGHOUSE
MDV6021 Old Pizwell farmhouse, Dartmoor Forest FARMHOUSE
MDV35586 Outbuilding north of Pizwell Cottage, Dartmoor Forest OUTBUILDING
MDV78117 Pizwell, Dartmoor Forest FARMSTEAD
MDV20719 Pizwell cottage, deserted dwelling COTTAGE NON SPECIFIC
MDV45619 Pizwell Bridge CLAPPER BRIDGE
MDV35581 Barn west of Old Pizwell farmhouse, Dartmoor Forest BARN