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How to Search

Feel free to put what you would like find into the search box above, hopefully we will be able to go away and come back with some amazing records from the Archive.

There are occastions where you may wish to narrow down your search - this can be done using a few search tricks.

Removing Terms

Searching for "Trains -snow" will bring you all the results that have the word train but NOT those that also have snow.

Searching for "Tor -hay" -hound will bring you all the pictures featuring the word Tor but not those who also have Hay or Hound.

Partial Words

If you are unsure of the ending, or start of a term, you may use an asterix to denote this.

Searching for Chris* will bring back records with Christow, and Christmas etc.

Searching for *ford will bring back fords, Dunsfords, Bridfords etc.

Word Proximity

Using "and" will ensure that the who terms will be close to each other. The further apart we find the two terms the less likely they are to be shown.

This or That

Using "or" will return records where one OR the other term is found but not both.

For example, "Dartmoor Prison or railway" will return Dartmoor Prison or Dartmoor Railway records.