Mannings of Dawlish lorry stuck in the deep snow of 1963.


Snowy lane on Dartmoor

Mannings of Dawlish lorry struggling along snowy roads in the deep snow of 1963.

This photograph is one of a series taken by the young Stanley Ewings on his box brownie in the winter of 1963. Because of the extreme snow, he was laid off from his usual scaffolding work for 5 weeks. During this period, he worked with his father, travelling round Devon in the lorry which his father drove. His father worked for Mannings of Dawlish, transporting cattle, pigs and sheep etc in his lorry. Stanley Ewings' photographs record these trips, and most vividly the times the lorry got stuck in deep snow drifts on the moor.
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Updated on April 25, 2019