Olditch and Cawsand (Cosdon) Beacon, Sticklepath


VE Day bonfire

Views of Belstone

This postcard shows four photographs entitled - Belstone Cleave and Cawsand Beacon, Dartmoor and looking towards Yes Tor, view of Cawsand from hotel, Brenamoor hotel, Belstone, Devon. Belstone is a small village on the northern edge of the moors near Okehampton and a popular starting point for walkers. Cosdon (Cawsand) Hill dominates the NE side of Dartmoor. Cosdon is a large, smooth dome of granite that gives excellent view over northern Devon. Since it is one of the highest points in Dartmoor (550m) Cosdon was used as a beacon in older times with the next beacon along at Dunkery in Exmoor.
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