Chinkwell tor, Honey Bag tor and Hameldown


Vermin trap

Hameldown from Widecombe

Hameldown is an impressive ridge on the east side of Dartmoor. Although it is quite high (532m) it is easily accessed and provides splendid views over a good part of Devon. A number of old, large cairns lie along the ridge. Some bones have been found inside some of them. The beautiful village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor is a well-known Dartmoor tourist attraction welcoming visitors at all times of the year. Widecombe lies in a valley created by the East Webbern river. The name Widecombe is derived from 'Withy-combe' - meaning 'Willow Valley'. It is a picturesque little hamlet that nestles snuggly between rolling green hills of Devon farmland, with a spectacular backdrop of granite tors and moorland. Hameldown can be seen in the distance and Widecombe is in the valley inbetween. The tor in the foreground could be Pil Tor.
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