East Okement, waterfall


Lock 4 - Stover canal

Memorial - Teigngrace church

The image shows a memorial to Charles Templer and those lost at sea in Teigngrace church. James Templer (born 1748) and George Templer developed the village of Teigngrace and had the church (St Mary)rebuilt out of granite in 1787. It is a small, neat, cruciform structure, with a tower and spire. James Templer built the Stover Canal in 1792 between Teigngrace and Newton Abbot,to carry china clay from the Bovey basin. Later his son, George, built the Haytor Granite Tramway to link the granite quarries at Haytor with the Canal to move granite. China clay was a rapidly expanding industry in the Bovey Basin during the late 18th century with the clay going to the potteries in Staffordshire. The Stover Canal Society was formed in 1999 and is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Stover Canal in Devon, England.
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Updated on February 23, 2019