Handwritten correspondence regarding the archaeology of Sourton.


Ordnance Map of Dartmoor Vol.I. Sheet LXXVI. S.E.

Photos of Stone Row Hartor, Clasiwell Pool and 3 Cooking Pots, found in Raddick Hill.

Five black and white titled photographs depicting the following: Stone Row Hartor 1906, Clasiwell Pool R.B., Raddick Hill Cooking Pot R.B., Cooking Pot found in a hut circle on Raddick Hill - 1/3 R.B. found May 16th 1896 and lastly Cooking Pot, Raddick Hill - Sideskewing Rim R.B. As depicted in page 21 of Ordnance Map of Dartmoor Vol.I.
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Updated on April 25, 2019