Tea at Hele


Philip Valentine Gedye at Kergilliack.

Lower Kergilliack Farmhouse, Penryn, Cornwall.

Lower Kergilliack, Penryn, Cornwall: Situated on the top of the hill overlooking Falmouth, Kergilliack was the farm Isabelle’s father, John Gedye, leased from the Church Commissioners. Kergilliack was his home for the majority of his life and was where all his children were born. Isabelle enjoyed photographing the family while visiting her parents. Although originally from Cornish farming stock John Gedye wasn’t a practicing farmer. He was manager of the artificial manure works in Falmouth harbour. Kergilliack was somewhere to live and stable his pony for his pony and trap, his main form of transport around the area.
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Updated on March 21, 2019
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