The lawn in front of Kergilliack


A stream, location unknown, probably near Penryn, Cornwall.

The Gedye family at Kergilliack

At Kergilliack: L-R Alfred George Gedye and his wife Laura Evelyn Gedye nee Brydges; Alice Elizabeth Mary Gedye; John Gedye, tenant of Kergilliack; Philip Valentine Gedye; Mary Cumming Gedye née Frost (John’s wife); Ciriegia Hewett Valentine’s fiancé. Alfred worked with his father in the manure works. Alice stayed at home looking after her parents, she eventually married Charles Thomas Roberts, a local farmer. Valentine and Ceri emigrated to Canada where they married in October 1907. Ceri’s father was a photographer so he may have been instrumental in giving Isabelle advice on her hobby.
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Updated on January 23, 2019