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Beardown Clapper Bridge

Beardown Clapper Bridge was called Bairdown Clapper Bridge by Burnard and is not to be confused with Beardown Farm Bridge which is the farm road bridge that also crosses the Cowsic river. Clapper Bridges were built on Dartmoor from about 1400 to carry packhorse trade routes over rivers and streams. The bridges consist of one or more large slabs. When several slabs were required to cross a river then stone piers were built well clear of the water. Beardown Clapper Bridge is located near Beardown Farm about 1 1/4 miles north-east of Princetown Prison. The bridge is about 650 yards from the junction of the Cowsic river with the West Dart River. The clapper bridge was swept away in 1873, and again, after replacement, by flood of July 17, 1890. It was subsequently re-erected by the Dartmoor Preservation Society. Length 36ft. 10 in., max width 3ft 10 in.; 3ft 5in. above average water at centre span.
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