Blowing House on the Walkham River


Doorway into Lydford Castle

Lydford Castle

Lydford is recorded in the **Domesday Book** as one of only five towns in Devon. It was built by the Anglo-Saxons as a defended town against Viking raids. **Lydford Castle** was built by the **Normans** in 1195. The castle is a typical square Norman Keep and takes advantage of a natural defensive position. For six hundred years during the medieval times, the tin miner's **Stannary Court** was held in Lydford Castle. During this time, prisoners were held in the basement of the castle and a process of **//Lydford Law//** was practiced. **//Lydford Law//** saw prisoners executed before they could be put on trial before a Judge. Judges were only able to visit Lydford once every few years. Trials were, therefore, often held after the prisoner had been executed.
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