Hall farm, Sampford Spiney.


Bull's eye stone on Grimstone and Sortridge leat.

Windy Post or Beckamoor Cross.

Windy Post cross is located by the old packhorse track between Tavistock and Merrivale. It is unique among the old crosses of Dartmoor in being chamfered. This photograph was taken on 7/10/1936. This well-shaped cross, which is chamfered all round, is of a later period than most on the moor. William Crossing puts its age down to the 16th Century and suggests that it may be a replacement for a much older cross that once stood on this site. It is in good condition and, unlike most crosses on the open moor, doesn?t appear to have needed repair. The cross is set into a large socket stone which is largely in the ground, but does just show above ground to the west. The cross is currently tilted over at quite an angle to the west. This has probably more to do with livestock using it as a rubbing post than the open position, used in its alternative name of ?Windy Post?, would suggest.
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